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The Business Credit Process

Unsecured Business Credit In 3 Easy Steps…
~Working Capital Solutions~

Our objective is to set you up with freely spendable business credit lines (and/or loans) that can be spent on anything your business requires to grow. We’re talking true working capital you can use to start, build, or grow your business – not just gas or store credit. To secure this type of financing for you, we run your business through the process described below. Please take a few moments to review this process. And feel free to contact us if the explanations below leave any of your questions unanswered. We are a team of over 30 people and one of our specialists will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Step 1: Pre-Qualification

Step 1 - Business CreditThe first step toward obtaining unsecured business credit is our pre-qualification process. This is where Hawkeye’s trained, FICO certified professionals perform a full assessment of your personal and business credit status. During this stage, we use a time-tested diagnostic checklist (based on years of experience) that reveals the truth about your credit options. We’ll be straight with you: if you aren’t a good fit for our business credit or loan programs, we won’t try to sell you one. There’s no obligation, and we’ll part as friends. If you are a good fit (or could be, with reasonable effort or changes) we’ll lay out your options in plain English and – with your approval – move to step two. Pre-qualification only requires a brief credit check, takes just a few minutes and can be done online or over the phone at your convenience. Before you know it you’ll understand your unsecured business funding options.

Step 2: Initial Consultation & Lender Preparation

Depending on your credit status, your business might be eligible for an unsecured business line of credit right now, with no further steps. If so, we’ll proceed right to step three (see below.) However, your credit report might also have “blemishes” that need to be fixed before moving forward in the process. We don’t do credit repair, however in most cases, this is no problem. Our team is comprised of industry veterans who understand the inner workings of personal and business credit better than anyone. We diagnose and pre-underwrite your file for you and we know how to match you with the right lenders based on your credit file, geography, industry, and many other variables. If you have credit concerns (small or big) that are standing in the way or your financing then we’ve established a team of dependable people who we can refer you to in order to correct the errors on your credit file. Don’t let that discourage you. We know who and where to send you no matter how slight (or big) the issue may be. We dissect your unique situation (on its own merits), understand personal and business credit intimately, and direct you wherever you need to go to get your financing. Traditionally, the lender preparations discussed above take anywhere from a few days to 30-45 days. You are kept aware of updates and important developments every step of the way.

Step 3: $25,000 or $50,000 Credit Guarantee

If and when your business passes our pre-qualification and lender preparations, Hawkeye will guarantee you a minimum of $25,000 or $50,000 in spendable, unsecured business lines of credit. Typically, you receive most or all of your guaranteed unsecured business funding within 30 days. If you need more than $50,000 then just let us know your needs and your timeframe. We’re used to working with people who need $25,000 to $150,000 and more. Furthermore, assuming you make your payments on time, your interest rate will remain low for the life of the loan or credit line. Don’t let someone else pitch you on a “sub-prime” or high-interest form of credit when better, lower-cost financing can be yours.

Business Credit Application

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For Seasoned & Established Businesses

If your business can verify annual sales (gross revenue) of $500,000 or more, you’ve been in business for over 2 years, and you’re not in a “high-risk” industry then additional options may be available. The largest unsecured business credit line we have secured for a client was $500,000. Our largest unsecured client to date obtained $750,000 in unsecured business lines of credit – one for $200k, one for $250k, and a third for $300k. Keep in mind we are talking about truly unsecured money where there is no UCC or collateral taken against the business. While we cannot guarantee you a similar outcome, we can perform a full assessment of your situation and lay out exactly what your credit and borrowing options are – using the same, simple process outlined above.

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