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Hawkeye Management

Hawkeye Management connects entrepreneurs and small business owners with $50,000-$150,000 or more in freely spendable business credit lines or small business loans.

Not store credit cards, not supplier credit, but actual lines of unsecured business credit that allow revolving balances and can be spent anywhere you wish. We require no up-front fees* or collateral from you to set up these lines of credit or unsecured business loans – and we do it within 15-45 days.

Rather than selling one or two “boilerplate” credit products to everyone, we search our network of local, regional and national lenders for the credit solution that best fits your unique business. We also provide expert, one-on-one consultations so that you can make intelligent, well-thought-out decisions about your corporate finances.

An Unheard Of 70%+ Success Rate

It’s common knowledge that banks approve fewer than 10% of the loan applications they receive from small business owners. That isn’t a coincidence. Most of these business owners are making the exact same mistakes which prevent them from getting approved.

Furthermore, most of those mistakes are totally preventable! These business owners aren’t doomed – they simply need assistance from experts who understand business credit as well as they understand their industries. That’s what Hawkeye Management is all about. We’re business credit experts who pride ourselves on being more thorough and comprehensive than anyone in our industry.

This isn’t just a hollow pledge. It’s our actual track record. To date, over 70% of the business owners who apply for business credit through Hawkeye are approved. That’s a 60% improvement over the industry average!

The choice is simple: would you rather the 10% chance of success that most business owners have, or the 70% chance that Hawkeye clients have?

The Best Interest Rates & The RIGHT Funding Solution for YOU!

We understand that small business owners are weary of being pitched credit products with huge, sub-prime interest rates. That’s why at Hawkeye, we always find you the lowest cost and best funding solution for YOU! That’s right – we understand your borrowing options – get our FREE eBook here to know your “options” – and we can help you find what’s right for YOU. Many companies are looking to sell you loan products where they simply make higher commissions. We’re not here to push square pegs into round holes. We’re here as a resource for YOU!

Don’t entrust your company’s chances of getting unsecured business credit to amateurs. Apply for a fast, free pre-qualification today or call us at (888) 783-1503 to obtain business credit the right way.

*We do not require up-front fees and 90% of our qualified prospects can enter one of our unsecured business funding programs with no up-front fees. The other 10% may incur minor expenses to correct credit issues that would keep them from getting their funding. Others may say they “never” charge up-front fees and that simply means that they cannot solve the credit issues that are evident with some people’s credit profiles or, worse, they don’t know how to identify these issues before you enter the funding stage. We always seek to get everyone to funding without incurring any fees and we’re successful at this 90% of the time.

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*We will not sell your information to third party advertisers.

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